turns out a creampie isn’t a pastry and the internet is a disgusting place

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i’m that friend that has to walk behind the group when the path isn’t big enough. i’m that friend that gets cut off in the conversation. i’m that friend that gets left behind when i asked for them to wait for me. i’m that friend that doesn’t get invited to hang out alot. i’m that friend that if i want to go to the mall or some place with a friend i have to be the one to invite people to make sure i get included. i’ll always be that friend.

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if a gay guy complements a girl does he say “no hetero” afterwards?

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You really have to give the architect a 5 star thumbs up for his vision in building this place …

the town’s name is dixon

the longer you look at it the funnier it gets

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There are no Real Madrid supporters on my dash and this makes me very happy ok

U jinxed ur self :O muabahha

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Anyone else ever want to slap the hell out of one of their friends because they crossed the line when you tried helping them? Like the fucking nerve to personally insult someone on a level they don’t understand and then say I am getting pissy. So done.